The first afghan I ever met was as young teenager... A beautiful domino male, Tash Kurgan Jackpot, called "Jackson". He was just a puppy first time I saw him and more wild than tame - but what a lovely dog! The other great afghan love was the famous crème dog Multi Ch Xciting Bullet In The Blue Sky, owned by my friend Madde, kennel Jawahar. In my eyes he looked like an angel!

I have "been in dogs" all my life thanks to my mother "Tott" and together we have bred Shih-Tzu's under the prefix Popeye's. When I was younger I competed successfully in Junior Handling and won the Swedish Championships 1989 and the World Championships at Cruft's 1990, only 14 years old. In the Swedish finals, I had the opportunity to show an Afghan for the first time - WOW! I can still recall the feeling which probably trigged me to become the "severe showoholic" I am today... ;o)

Trough the years, Louise has been my connection to Afghans. I even trained with some of her dogs to go to Skokloster one year, but unfortunately I never went… At the dog shows I admired Afghans as Ch Gengala Been There, and while working in the US (95/96) I followed the success of Ch Tryst of Grandeur, but always from a distance. Many years later Louse asked me again to handle one of her dogs which triggered a long time yearn for an Afghan. Easter 2002, Magnus and I bought the "Harry" grandchild, Elton - Ch Xciting Bee Bee King, from the Ekvall family in Stockholm.

Magnus met Afghans trough me. I actually lied to make him interested and told him that they hunt… Well it was just a "white" lie. He is brought up with dogs and his main interest was hunting since the Moritz family bred hunting dogs. Even though he travels a lot in his job, we are both as interested in the breed. Luckily, Magnus has proved to be a great handler and a true afghan fan!

Tash-Kurgan-Nilla-MangeWith Elton, there were shows, and through the shows we met Louise more often, and that was how we met Titiyo! I helped showing her a couple of times, and just after her 2nd birthday, Louise asked me to show her at the Ronneby KC Show. Our goal for the day was to get her last CAC - we ended the weekend with CAC, CACIB, the champion title, Best of Breed, Best in Group and BEST IN SHOW!
The rest is history…

Together, we have met and constantly meet interesting and wonderful people all over the globe! We are happy to be a part of this lovely, crazy, wild and funny "Afghan Circus". There are many people that we owe great respect & thanks! And "The ONE" who became our mentor and dearest friend is Louise. With her dedication and knowledge in the breed, and our interest to learn and develop - The future looks bright!
We are very honoured to now be a part of TASH KURGAN.

Are you curious about the past... please read more here.

/ Nilla & Magnus