I have ALWAYS had Afghans… or shall we say… the Afghans have always had me…
1957 was when I met my first afghan - and it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT… It was a white male that me and my sisters found, took home and cared for when our parents were on vacation in Paris. Unfortunately, we had to give him back as soon as our parents came home again… Not until the 70's, after a lot of research, did I find who this white dog was! His name was Tajmahal Alladin, a son to the famous Xenos vdOM. Inspired by Alladin, we started visiting dog shows in Stockholm. At one time I had the opportunity to see Alladins half brother, the world known Tanjores Domino. A dog and colour that went right into my soul, and I still remember it as if it was yesterday!

The "next" stray afghan that came into my life decided to join the family when my husband and I lived in The Central African Republic. He was literally abandoned by a man in Bangui who had left Africa to go back home to France. This black male, named Nereus Khan d'Ymeauvylle, was called Neros. He moved in, adopted the family, but was never tamed. He was the most wonderful creature you could imagine. A true afghan!

Once back in Sweden, the choice of breed was hardly an issue… The first puppy available was the bl/tan Sultans Isania Chira, born 1967. She was sired by Bohem Waalph, who's breeder/owner, Inga Bengtson, became my mentor. During the following years, my interest in Afghans and breeding developed thanks to Inga and her brother Bo Bengtson (who helped with the handling).
Louise with the gang!
My commitment to the club activities began 1973 by starting the first Afghan club in Sweden. During the 80' there was a need for a reconstruction and in 1986 we founded what today is the recent Swedish Afghan hound Club. Through the years I have, for several periods, had the honoured position as President for the club. The latest ending 2006, when I initiated a new reform and passed on the torch to the younger generation. In 2011 I was elected back as president of the Swedish Afghanhound Club, and after this 5 year break I feel that I have lots of energy to continnue to work on bringing the club and breed forward into the future! 

Right from the start, the focus was on breeding instead of showing (thanks to a quite terrible first experience in the ring - a fun story told many times…) My first litter was out of the Top Winning Ch.Tuohi Tikan Kekale and my Chira, a line breeding on Xenos, Domino and Djari. By this, my first Afghan experiences came back to me through the lines and gave me the domino male Tash Kurgan Tedjar… First in a line of many lovely dominos, sleeping on my couch!

Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to blend some very prominent stud dogs of high order with my bitch line as Ch.Tazi Blue Devil, Ch.El Khyrias Hazztafer, Ch.Kabik's Rise To The Challenge and Ch.Yesterday today and Tomorrow, to mention a few. The offspring has given and still gives me tremendous pleasure. And thanks to great friends and supporting entourage a selection of my dogs have made it all the way to the top - and there are more to come!

Are you curious about the future... please read more here.

/ Louise